It is here people can submit and share faith stories of either their journey or their experiences of God. It could even be a story they heard or knew about that influenced them along the way (if passing on someone else’s faith story, please obtain permission first).

All authors will be anonymised to protect privacy, and personal details are to be limited to how it affects the story of faith. These stories are to be about how God touched people’s lives not about any one particular individual’s details.

Also, it is here that priests/seminarians, religious/noviates can share their faith stories or journeys, for example, what led a seminarian to the seminary or the story that led to ordination. This may be particularly helpful for those considering priestly vocations or a vocation to the religious life, to see how others navigated their journey.

Prayers will also be shared to pray for priests and the Church.

If you’d like to submit a faith story, please visit our contact page.